Seeds of Impact

There once was a boy who lived in a city much like yours and mine.  Every day on his way to school he passed an abandoned land.  He would often stop for a few minutes to just stare at it before moving on off to school. 

Many people in the city complained about the abandoned land and even more of them critiqued the leaders of the community for not doing anything with it or other areas in the City.  A lot of people used this particular lot of land for dumping all types of trash and other unwanted items. 

One day as the boy returned home from school he had with him a bag of seeds.  He had saved up a few allowances to purchase these seeds from the school fundraiser they had that day.  They were seeds for different flowers.  As he walked home and came to the abandoned land he went in and found an empty space of dirt and planted his seeds.  

As time went by with some days bringing rain and others bringing sunshine his seeds began to grow.  The boy noticed his flowers were growing a little bit more each day.  Every day on his way to school and back he would take a few moments to go in and clean up around his flowers. 

Many saw him tending to these flowers and some laughed at him while others just nodded their heads in sympathy for the boy’s naive dedication. 

However as more time passed by and the boy kept at his flowers, something very peculiar began to happen. He noticed less and less people were dumping their trash in the land.  The boy’s flowers soon became a nice little garden. 

More and more people began to notice the flowers and many of them no longer looked at the land as a dump or even a dump with some nice flowers in the middle but rather a nice garden that needed some effort and care to make it beautiful. 

After more time passed people not only stopped dumping trash there but even began picking up the garbage that was already there.  Residents would tell each other “hey don’t dump anything there you’ll mess up the garden”. 

A few people started bringing things to put up in the land.  Some brought trash cans and others took time out in the afternoon and weekends to help clean up.  Some people brought more seeds and began planting themselves.  Eventually others added benches, a few tables, and some chairs.  Even the city, some local businesses, and a couple of agencies  joined in to construct an area for kids to play as well as a pathway for others to walk on. 

A special block was put up in front of the boy’s original garden.  He insisted that his name not be put on it but rather that they would record the date he planted his seeds instead.  After many years the boy now grown still passed by often with his family to sit in the park that had now developed from the few seeds he planted many years ago.   

At the time when the boy planted the seeds he had no way of knowing the impact it would have on the people of his city but that wasn’t his original motive anyway, he just saw an opportunity to add a little beauty where he saw he could. 

Because he acted others began to see things in a different perspective and that motivated them to act.  Every time we add a little beauty where otherwise there would be none we can do the same.  Whether by building, fixing, cleaning, or just volunteering, we all can make an impact by planting seeds of beauty. 

By: H.C. Lora

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